Recommended Reading

There so many books that have inspired us over the years so obviously we wont include all of them. These just some of our favourite reads. Hope you enjoy them, we will add more as time goes by.


Sebastian Faulkes – Birdsong


This novel is the most moving and terrifying book I have ever read. Flitting between England 1978 and war torn France 1916-1918, the characters are real the story is awesome. I experienced every emotion when I read this book and if you only buy one book from this list, buy this one. Its historically accurate and captures humanity at its best and worst. A masterpiece.

Dan Brown – The Da Vinci Code

An amazing book that is combines fact, fiction and legend to bring about an intriguing and exhilarating plot. I have only read this one but it is part of a series of adventures by Dan Brown for the Indiana Jones-like character Robert Langdon. Learn what the Catholic Church have been keeping from us for 14 centuries and in the process enjoy this fantastic story.

Willy Russell – The Wrong Boy

I have read this book twice, Willy Russell is a genius there’s no other way to describe him. Actually he is Scouse Genius. Raymond Marks is the unfortunate character and you love him right away. The whole book is Raymonds note book which is a collection of the songs and poems he has written over the years and a series of letters to his favourite singer Morrissey. The story is heart breaking and moving but above all very very funny. In particular his friends Norman and Twinky are brilliantly written



Duncan Falconer– The Hostage

Just finished reading this and want to put it on because I really enjoyed it. I only picked it up because I had nothign to read and Im glad I did. Stratton is an SBS leiutenant who is to save a kidnapped US Navy Seal form the clutches of the Real IRA, but soon finds out there is much more at stake than one mans life.


Michael Moore – Stupid White Men &
Dude Where’s My Country?

What can I say? Michael Moore might be the saviour of the western world, the only man brave enough to wage literary war against the Republican Regime. He is funny and poignant and makes so much sense. I really enjoyed reading the first book, though the second is not as entertaining it does haev its moments.



Joe Simpson – Touching the Void &
The Beckoning Silence

An oustanding writer, honest and emotional. Touching the Void is an institution for mountaineers, but if you’ve never been near a mountain in your life read this book anyway. Inspirational to the last word.


Andrew Todhunter - Fall of The Phantom Lord

The incredible story of climber Dan Osman. This was written before Dan died, the man was an incredible climber and what Lori Petty in Point Break would call a Searcher. Worth reading and then reading again. Andrew Todhunter is a great writer who captures Osman's essence while including a lot of his own intrigueing life story and philosophies. Dan Osman is most famous for a 'No Fear' poster in which he is performing a 'horizontal press' while climbing a sheer face called the 'Needles' free solo (unroped). see link. Dan Osman


Frank McCourt - Angela's Ashes & Tis'


Pulizter Prize winner for a very good reason. McCourts memoirs go from a very early age to what pretty much sums his life up today in these two books. His life story is astonishingly sad, funny and filled with love. .

Rob Grant & Doug Naylor - Red Dwarf ,Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers & Better Than Life.

Dave Lister ended up joining the Space Corps after a heavy night playing Drinking Monopoly around London. After being put into stasis for having a cat on board the ship Red Dwarf, he emerges 3 million years on to find that all the crew has been wiped out. Very funny and not just for Red Dwarf geeks.

Tony Hawks – Round Ireland With a Fridge

The very very funny exploits of a desperate man and his fridge.

Pete McCarthy – McCarthys Bar.

The best from this writer by far, Pete McCarthy will make you laugh out loud on the train, it happened to me and people still look at me funny on the way to work.

Vincent Bramley - Excursion to Hell.

War is a dirty business. No one dared think just how dirty till an ordinary soldier told the terrible truth. I haven’t read this yet but Neil has and says its one of the best books he’s ever read, and he's read a lot of books about war, but much more porn, he also highly recommends the following real life shoot em ups:-

Chris Ryan – The One that Got Away
Andy McNab – Bravo Two Zero & Immediate Action

Lemmy Kilmister – White Line Fever: Lemmy the autobiography.

Lemmy decided to follow in the footsteps of Ketih Richards and get a blood transfusion so he could start all over again with the drugs. Unfortunately the doctor said that normal human blood would kill him and his blood would kill a normal human. Lemmy has done a lot of drugs. This book is funny as fuck.

Dave Gorman – Are you Dave Gorman? & Googlewhack Adventure.

Hilarious adventures of Dave and his whacky bets that are delaying the growing up process for him, and good luck to him too. You are with him, rooting for him all the way. He really is a Brilliant writer/adventurer.

Ronin Ro – Have Gun Will Travel: Spectacular Rise and Violent Fall of Death Row Records.

Read this book.

The Discovery channel

Fazza doesn’t read many books so this is here for him. I also agree, Discovery is the best channel on television. Sharks and Nazi’s.