www.neveroutgunned.com have gone great lengths, great expense bring you a patented must have alcohol guide.I'm not a religous man but I am a spiritual man. It is important that the drinking fraternity remembers our forefathers who gave their lives in search of the holy pint.

Oliver Reed, 1938-1999

OLIVER REED died as he lived his life; drink in hand, in a bar in Malta, while making a film. Arguably the acting fraternity’s greatest hell raiser, he once asked: "I like the effect drink has on me. What’s the point of staying sober?"

Reed came dangerously close to being typecast as a man-beast both on and off screen, his string of Hammer horror films casting him as sociopaths and fiends as in "These Are The Damned" to literal monsters. Off screen, Reed's behavior could rival that of his outrageous film alter egos. He arrived in Galway Airport, Ireland, passed out and drunk on a baggage carousel. In Madrid, while shooting one of 5 films he appeared in during 1973, Reed stripped naked in a hotel restaurant and dove into an aquarium. On that occasion Reed was asked to leave the premises not for his skinny-dipping communion with the hotel goldfish but for taking part in a brawl.

It was alleged that during the stag weekend prior to his second marriage, Reed downed 104 pints of beer. He was quick to dispel this rumour: "The event that was reported actually took place during an arm-wrestling competition in Guernsey 15 years ago." It seems Mr Reed did enjoy a spot arm-wrestling as on the sad day of his death Reed had been relaxing at a Valetta pub between filming and suffered a fatal heart attack after reputedly consuming 3 bottles of rum and defeating 5 (much younger) Royal Navy sailors at arm wrestling


Mr Moon or Keith as he was known was another of lifes fine outstanding citizens


Here are just a few.

Mr. Moon's greatness behind the drum kit is often overshadowed by his public image as "Moon the Loon." Keith Moon is known more for dressing up like Adolf Hitler (in places such as Steve McQueen's Malibu house), striping naked in airports and on television shows, destroying hotel rooms, swinging from chandeliers, throwing televisions out of hotel windows, putting cherry bombs in toilets, leaving a hovercraft on train tracks disrupting train schedules.

Keith and The Who are famous for smashing up their instruments after gigs. Always up for a challenge Mr. Moon decided to place explosives in his drum kit to give their gig that little bit extra bit of sparkle. Unknown to Keith he had placed too much explosive in his drum kit, it detonated with such force it sent the symbol from the drum kit into Pete Townsend neck giving him a nasty gash. The explosion also made Keith deaf for a few days.

Another infamous story was while performing on stage Pete noticed Keith’s drumming even more out of sync than normal, he signaled the back stage doctor who crept up and gave him an injection to perk him up a bit, Keith perked up but after a couple of songs he seemed to be going into a world of his own. Pete once again signaled the doctor who gave him another injection, this did not seem to work and Keith collapsed. Keith woke up two days later learning he had taken horse tranquilizers.


To be continued...........