k this may very well be the most important page on the site. It’s our guide to the best places in Liverpool City Centre to go and get yourself drunk. Forget hanging around on parks with a bottle of Merrydown Cider, you should have already done that by now and have full carnal knowledge of the opposite sex as a result. Whether you want to cut up the rug, drink yourself into a stupor or get pilled of your daft face*, there is something for everyone in Liverpool. I have been out in quite a few cities in Britain, as have my fellow troubled souls, and few places have the choice, laid back attitude and sexy folk that Liverpool provides. These are just a few of the places we would recommend you visit when spending you beer tokens. Our choices are a bit more alternative so if you’re a scally looking for a good place to have a fight then go to:-

www.imascallyandilikefighting.com ...........Pricks

*www.neveroutgunned.com does not condone getting “pilled of your daft face” ………..try half first then see how you go from there.

If its not on here we dont recommend it but feel free to email us with somewhere that you think deserves a mention and we will check it out. if its elswhere in the country then don't hesitate to tell me, we have contacts all over and can send operatives out to sample your suggestion.

R.I.P. PARADOX (the birth place of filth)

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