Websites that we like

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Plenty of websites make us chuckle and incite other emotions such as anger and the horn. We won’t tell you which porn sites are good you will have to find them for yourself. These are just a few pages that we think are worthy of a link.

Internet Movie Database, very useful if you’re a film geek like myself.

Auction family heirlooms to fund your crack habit.

Ho Ho Ho, this a very funny site.

Ho Hee Har, this also is a very funny site.

Support his campaign to put Oprah Winfrey in the White House and generally marvel at how stupid Dubya Bush actually is.

Men who look like Kenny Rogers. It shouldn’t be funny but it is.

Crazy Prices. The Netto of airlines.

Laugh your ass off at other peoples pride and joy. They love their cars, we love to ridicule them.

The website you see after every show but never go on. You should. Best channel on telly. All hail Discovery.

Get yourself a wife or replace your old one. Fantastic.

Win some money by choosing six numbers between 1 and 49. It really is that simple.....sort of.

Loads of vids of cars, some are Top Gear tests and very good, some of them are a bit crap.

Very well made website by the finest dance act in the history of dance acts..

Where you should drink, when you drink.

The places to stay if your travelling cheap, Globalvillage Hostels have a great atmosphere, helpful staff and good places to rest your weary bones.

A very inciteful look at how our goverment are pusinh fear so we will vote them. Must be warm in Bush's arse pocket, eh Tony?